Top Taylorsville UT Restaurants That You Want To Try Out

Have you ever been to the great city of Taylorsville, Utah? If not, don’t worry because we are about to take a little virtual trip there. When we do, we’re going to explore some of the finest restaurants the city has to offer. That should make you more comfortable about planning an actual visit to the city because you will know where to find great food.

First up for restaurants in Taylorsville, Utah is Cafe Rio Mexican Grill. This establishment can be found on West 5400 South, and there is some good information listed about the Mexican cuisine served up there. One thing I always look for when it comes to Mexican restaurants is whether or not they make homemade tortillas. Does this establishment sound like a good first stop in Taylorsville for you?

Next up is the Great Harvest Bread Company. It looks like a really neat place, and it can be found on South Redwood Road. How would you like to try some pumpkin chocolate chip bread? This place is also known for its sandwiches, and you are sure to find the best bread in the city there.

Now let’s take a look at another top restaurant in Taylorsville called Penny Ann’s Cafe, and it is found on West 5400 South, just like Cafe Rio Mexican Grill. Remember, we aren’t in Salt Lake City virtually visiting top restaurants. Taylorsville is a pretty small city, but it is a nice one for sure. Penny Ann’s Cafe is known for serving up delicious breakfast of all kinds.

It is time now to visit a buffet, King Buffet on South Redwood Road. This is some scrumptious Chinese food and a chocolate fountain to boot. If all you can eat sounds like a plan to you today, then King Buffet is your spot. It is one of the best Chinese restaurants in the city.

The last restaurant we have time to visit right now is Bell’s 48th Street Deli, which is located on West 4800 South. How does a delicious hamburger and fries sound right about now? If you aren’t already on your way to the Chinese buffer, then perhaps it is time to consider stopping by Bell’s 48th Street Deli. You will find good food there and at all of the restaurants mentioned so far. Enjoy Taylorsville and everything that you get to eat while you are there on your vacation.