Rental Apartments in Winston Salem – An Overview

Winston Salem is a city in the state of North Carolina which has recently started to gain a name for itself. Downtown is undergoing something of a renaissance, its streets vibrant and bustling with restaurants, bars and nightclubs bringing life to once rather dejected areas, especially out of business hours. The old tobacco warehouses and textile mills which not so long ago lay derelict and unused have been given new leases of life as stylish modern apartments. Winston Salem no longer just has the past. It has a future, and the future is bright.

Whereas once the city was known primarily for its historic involvement with the tobacco industry, even being know as Camel City due to R.J Reynolds Tobacco Company being based there, now its economy includes decidedly 21st Century industries such as nanotech and bio-tech. Medical research is also a fast growing field in the local area. This has led to an influx of young professionals and is boosting demand for rental properties, in particular, rental apartments in Winston Salem.

Apartments Winston Salem are as diverse as its population. They range from loft apartments in the most bohemian areas of the town to family dwellings in the suburbs.

Loft apartments often follow the fashion established in major cities across the world featuring upscale ‘industrial chic’, consisting of huge open windows, exposed brickwork and wooden or sealed concrete floors, and wherever possible keeping original and unique features intact. Many of the city’s more upmarket apartment blocks also boast amenities such as resident’s lounges, sporting and keep fit facilities like open air / indoor swimming pools and gymnasiums, movie theaters, and secure indoor parking.

More family orientated apartment rentals are also available, close to, but most certainly out of, the hustle and bustle of the city. Many are garden apartments offering two or three bedrooms with views to the city and again offer an impressive range of facilities such as fitness centers, saunas, tennis courts, basketball courts and weight rooms as well as free WIFI for residents, clubhouses and on-site laundry facilities.

Choosing rental apartments NC that fit your exact needs has never been easier. There are countless sites on the internet as well as an equal number of Real Estate Agents, offering expert advice on everything from location to local schools, churches, local crime rates, age and even gender breakdowns for every area of the city.

Rental units in Winston Salem can be anything you want them to be, family home, young urban professional hang out, whatever. In recent years, many professional people have re-located to the city, choosing to rent rather than buy before deciding to stay or leave. Notably many have chosen the first option preferring Winston Salem’s relaxed small town ambience over the frenetic nature of many of America’s bigger cities, which thanks to excellent transportation links, including air, rain and road are within easy reach whether for business or pleasure.