Lawmakers unveil slate of bills aimed to aid women, the poor

SALT LAKE CITY — A bipartisan group of Utah lawmakers unveiled plans Thursday to eliminate Utah’s sales tax on groceries, provide birth control for poor women and tackle the gender pay gap — proposals that could be a tough sell in the Republican-dominated Legislature where leaders say the costs of social programs and tax credits and exemptions already have the potential to bust budgets.

Some of the bills from about a dozen lawmakers ae backed by groups like the American Civil Liberties Union, child advocacy group Voices for Utah Children, and the Salt Lake Chamber business group, but the legislators noted that not all of them support every proposal the group is working on.

The plans may also face an uphill battle in a conservative Legislature that resisted expanding Medicaid to more than 1...

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Day Treatment Program for Substance Abuse

SALT LAKE CITY, Jan. 11, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Alpine Center for Personal Growth (Taylorsville, UT) offers a unique approach to addiction treatment, where individuals can attend intensive treatment five days per week and still have the ability to live at home. "We find that many clients of inpatient rehabs feel that they are living inside an unrealistic "bubble." Clients that participate in our intensive day treatment, learn how to cope with real life situations while getting full support and care from recovery professionals and the community," says owner Debra Gibson.

The day treatment program, or PHP, requires clients to attend the program for five days a week and for six hours per day...

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How to Invest Taylorsville UT Real Estate

Investing in Taylorsville UT real estate is an important investment. However, it takes time to find the right property. It is hard to find the right real estate agent. And it is even harder to manage money. Be careful when investing in real estate because it is easy to lose your hard earned money, especially if you don’t know what you are doing.

Here’s how to invest in real estate in Taylorsville UT.

1 – Find the Right Property

There are so many real estate properties in Taylorsville UT. Do not invest in properties that look old and dirty. Hire a property inspector to inspect every property before buying it.

It is hard to notice several issues on a property, especially if this is the first time you are investing in real estate...

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Top Taylorsville UT Restaurants That You Want To Try Out

Have you ever been to the great city of Taylorsville, Utah? If not, don’t worry because we are about to take a little virtual trip there. When we do, we’re going to explore some of the finest restaurants the city has to offer. That should make you more comfortable about planning an actual visit to the city because you will know where to find great food.

First up for restaurants in Taylorsville, Utah is Cafe Rio Mexican Grill. This establishment can be found on West 5400 South, and there is some good information listed about the Mexican cuisine served up there. One thing I always look for when it comes to Mexican restaurants is whether or not they make homemade tortillas. Does this establishment sound like a good first stop in Taylorsville for you?

Next up is the Great Harvest Bread Company...

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What All Is There To Know About The City Of Taylorsville Utah?

It was established in a past article that while Taylorsville is its own city, it isn’t far away from Salt Lake City. So if you look at the attractions, seeing only two of them mind you, don’t be dismayed. Utah as a state is a natural and beautiful attraction, and there is plenty of hustle and bustle in its capital city. If you would rather relax and enjoy the outdoors in Taylorsville, you will certainly get to do that.

There are some great restaurants to enjoy in the city, too, and you already know that it you have read past pieces. Let’s take a look at those two attractions that are listed for Taylorsville, too, as we explore this city virtually more in depth. One of the attractions is the movie theater, and you might have seen that one coming...

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A Quick Guide To Rental Apartments In Winston Salem

A Quick Guide To Rental Apartments In Winston Salem - An Increasingly Popular Retirement Destination

In a recent survey conducted by CBS Moneywatch, Winston Salem in North Carolina was cited as one of the top ten places to retire to in the whole of the United States. When considering the city as a retirement location it may well be a good idea to think about renting to see if you like the look and feel of the city before committing yourself further. A quick Google search for “apartments winston salem” will bring up a number of real estate agencies in this city.

With its relatively mild climate, (average temperatures in winter range from  a low of 28’F or -2’C to 51’F or 11’c , and in summer from 67’F or 19’C  to 89’F or 32’C),  Winston Salem has proved an attractive proposition in recent years for many north Americans looking to escape from the increasingly brutal winters of recent ye...

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Rental Apartments in Winston Salem – An Overview

Winston Salem is a city in the state of North Carolina which has recently started to gain a name for itself. Downtown is undergoing something of a renaissance, its streets vibrant and bustling with restaurants, bars and nightclubs bringing life to once rather dejected areas, especially out of business hours. The old tobacco warehouses and textile mills which not so long ago lay derelict and unused have been given new leases of life as stylish modern apartments. Winston Salem no longer just has the past. It has a future, and the future is bright.

Whereas once the city was known primarily for its historic involvement with the tobacco industry, even being know as Camel City due to R...

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The Various Incarnations Across The English Speaking World

What Exactly Is An Apartment - The Various Incarnations Across The English Speaking World

This type of dwelling is known by different names in different geographical areas of the world. In Australia for example it is commonly called a unit – a shortened version of home unit, in England a flat, in Scotland a tenement -although this term has somewhat negative connotations outside of Scotland, and in North America it is normally known as an apartment. Winston Salem, a fast growing city in the Piedmont Triad region of North Carolina has in recent years expanded its stock of apartment housing in order to accommodate the rising population of the city, many young professionals being attracted to the area by the rapid growth of industries such a nanotech, bio-tech and medical research.

The apartments Winston salem occupy only part of the building in which they are housed...

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Searching For Apartments In Winston Salem On Google

Searching For Apartments In Winston Salem On Google

When searching for anything for anything on Google, for example, “apartments in winston salem” (it’s a city in North Carolina), it is always worth going to the lower end of the search engine page’s results; although few people do. Most choose from the first three results on the first page.

The top results are not always the most accurate, but they will contain all the keywords that Google’s algorithms recognize, hence propelling them to the top of the page.

When looking for rental apartments, as we are using this as an example, be specific. Make sure you enter the type of accommodation you are looking for whether that be a four bedroom apartment on the top floor of a condo, or a ground floor studio with disabled access and facilities.

If you want to live in the center of the city of Wi...

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History Of Apartments – An Evolution Journey

History Of Apartments – An Evolution Journey

During the 19th Century thousands and thousands of people began to flood into America’s largest cities, including the hordes of newly arrived mainly European immigrants in search of a better life than what they had left behind in the old world.

In New York alone the population doubled every decade between the start of the century and its end. Buildings which had once been single family homes were divided up into multi-family dwellings to try and accommodate the swelling population of the city and so the tenements were born. Cramped, without indoor plumbing, and badly lit and ventilated, these tall thin buildings were a far cry from what we would today call an apartment...

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