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A Quick Guide To Rental Apartments In Winston Salem

A Quick Guide To Rental Apartments In Winston Salem - An Increasingly Popular Retirement Destination

In a recent survey conducted by CBS Moneywatch, Winston Salem in North Carolina was cited as one of the top ten places to retire to in the whole of the United States. When considering the city as a retirement location it may well be a good idea to think about renting to see if you like the look and feel of the city before committing yourself further. A quick Google search for “apartments winston salem” will bring up a number of real estate agencies in this city.

With its relatively mild climate, (average temperatures in winter range from  a low of 28’F or -2’C to 51’F or 11’c , and in summer from 67’F or 19’C  to 89’F or 32’C),  Winston Salem has proved an attractive proposition in recent years for many north Americans looking to escape from the increasingly brutal winters of recent ye...

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